Founder and Owner of Edge, Cliff Allen: “Our vision when we first built the gym in 2004 was to  create  a community-based health & fitness facility offering  a full-service venue. Our club is the cleaner, quieter, inviting and energizing neighborhood fitness center that people love going to. Most locals will tell you that Edge is not just a gym – it is a way of life for people living in the communities surrounding the Channel Islands Harbor. At Edge, we’re looking to assist our members in the areas of wellness, longevity and maintenance. Our local, community-based philosophy and our intimate size allows us to give our members the freedom, comfort and choice to work out on their own or with the assistance of a fitness professional anytime they want. The bottom line is this – our members are getting results and living more active, longer and happier lives because of it. We invite you to join us!

Your Community.  Your Club.  Your Health.  GET FIT.

Live your Dreams!



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