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T’ai Chi Chih (60 min) An energy-cultivating practice that activates, circulates, and balances our intrinsic energy (“Qi” or “Chi”). The gentle, standalone movements promote balance, integrated physical fitness, and an inner calm. This class does not require a particular level of physical fitness or coordination. All Fitness Levels Welcome.

Yoga (60 min) Flow through a series of dynamic moves that will increase your flexibility, restore balance and strengthen core muscles of the lower back and abdominals. All Fitness Levels Welcome.

Spin (50 min) Get one of the best cardio workouts in a group fitness setting with an interactive, energy driven class. Spinning can be very effective if you attend three to four classes a week. Train like an athlete and see consistent results while burning at least 500 calories and improving cardiovascular endurance. This class focuses on enjoyable and challenging rides with steady progressions towards the end of each format. ~Spin numbers required. Available at front desk 30 minutes before every spin class. First time spinners are recommended to come early to have the instructor help set up.

L.I.I.T (Low intensity interval training) (60 min) The goal of L.i.i.T is to improve your quality of life through movement. Beginning with a dynamic 10 min warmup, your workout will include exercises to improve range of motion, posture, balance, strength, and cardiovascular training. Everything can be progressed or regressed as needed to fit the specific needs of all participants. The cool down period is also 10 minutes and includes static stretching (holding your stretch) to round out your workout, essentially “cooling down” your muscles. All Fitness Levels Welcome.

Booty Building (45 Min) Sculpt, tone and tighten those buns! This High energy class combines cardio, weights and partner exercises. Build Lean muscles and core strength. Bring your water bottle and be ready to SWEAT! All Fitness Levels Welcome!

H.I.I.T (High intensity interval training) (45 Min) Utilizing Quick intense bursts of movements and exercises, followed by short active recovery periods, this class will elevate heart rates and push participants to their limits! Burn fat, gain muscle mass and increase metabolism. This class is NOT designed for beginners. 😉

Group Classes


Unite your mind and body with this ancient practice


A great cardio workout with a beautiful view


Burn calories while improving your focus


A great way to develop your core strength


Helps greatly reduce your stress and anxiety


An fun and intense way to get in great shape

We offer flexible pricing and never lock you into a contract.